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How we started


We began selling products of our own 20 years ago.  A variety of products in a variety of online sales marketplaces - in the infancy of internet sales.  This created a huge learning curve as there were little if any resources when new problems came up.  We always wished there was something like ListingCode.com to help guy like us when we started out.  There's still a huge void for this in the marketplace somehow - so here we are!  Its time to pass the knowledge on to new sellers or seasoned people looking to get to that next level.  There's a lot of tips and tricks we've learned over the years - let's put these to use and make the online sales world a little more manageable.

Lots Coming

As we continue to add and grow this space we'll add to the site.  If you have specific things you'd like to see or looking for a particular solution - let us know!

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