250 UPC EAN Codes Amazon Barcode Number Certified Bar Code Great for FBA Listing


250 UPC/EAN Barcodes – No Hidden Fees, No Expirations

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Includes Certificate of Authencity via trackable Postal Mail.



Certified EAN/UPC codes - use worldwide at retail stores and online stores worldwide. No hidden fees, no expiration.

  • Use on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet iTunes, and more!
  • Delivered to your inbox digitally within hours (check your email)
  • Ready to Use Immediately!
  • We are the owner, not a reseller!
  • Be careful buying fake codes from other sellers and risk your account being suspended.
  • Lifetime Guarantee!


  • 250 unique EAN numbers
  • We use and provide EAN codes specificcaly they are easier to work with than UPC codes. Read the Faq below for the difference between a UPC/EAN code.
  • Free delivery via email after checkout within a few hours. To comply with Ebay Digital Delivery we further mail a Physical Hard Copy and Certificate of Authencity via trackable Postal Mail.
  • Certified EAN numbers - Lifetime Guarantee - No Expiration - No Renewal Fees
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - 100% Satisfaction or Full Refund Guarantee!
  • Upon request - Certificate of Authenticity
  • Support - Contact Us with any issues at all, glad to help!


Why should I buy codes from us?
We have 15+ years selling in the industry to 100,000+ customers and millions of codes. We work hard for our 30,000+ Positive Feedbacks (on eBay) and will work hard for you. We have a Risk-Free Guarantee - if you aren't fully satisfied with your order, receive a full refund. If you have any issues, we're here to help you. Your success is our success, we take pride and helping our customers succeed.

Do you deliver by email or USPS?
Both. Delivery via email to your registered email address (it's the only email we have access to for your order). If you dont see it in your email, please check the spam folder. Contact us if you prefer another email address or having issues.

How do I know the codes will work?
We have been selling Tshirts online for 15+ years and we guarantee the codes will work on eBay, Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and many other online platforms and most brick & mortar stores, worldwide. We upload products for many vendors daily, so we keep current with all online venue policies and procedures.

Do you match other sellers prices?
Yes, we will match prices from other legitimate sellers. Many sellers out there do not sell legitimate codes, hence why their prices could be different. If you need a large volume of codes for product variations such as Tshirts contact us for a quote.

What is your Refund policy?
If you have any issues, simply contact us and we'll help you. Your codes come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Are your codes used?
We ONLY sell unused (virgin) codes that are guaranteed to work worldwide. On rare occasion a code may be “Hijacked”, especially happens with China Phone Accessories. If this happens we will make sure to get you a new clean set of EANs.

What is the difference between UPC & EAN?
Barcodes come in two varieties: UPC (12-digit) and EAN (13 digit.) The number is the same, its just formatted differently. In the USA and Canada specifically, BOTH Amazon and eBay accept BOTH the UPC and EAN format of the barcode. Outside of the USA, in Europe and the rest of the world, ONLY the EAN format is accepted.


250 UPC EAN Codes Amazon Barcode Number Certified Bar Code Great for FBA

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